How I Made $1.73 on Medium in One Month: 6 Can’t Fail Strategies

Woman counting out dollar bills
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There are many thousandaire stories on Medium. This one goes out to the rest of us.

Here are my top 6 can’t fail strategies for how to make $1.73 on Medium in a single month:

#1: I write about personal interests I’m passionate about.

I’m interested in a bunch of different stuff — from organ transplants and productivity strategies, to communication and caregiving. Articles on hot and/or controversial topics get a lot of clicks. But, I firmly believe there’s an audience out there for every writer, on every conceivable topic. Medium is a phenomenal platform to reach these readers — even if your topics aren’t the usual fare or designed to titillate.

#2: I write the story and then come up with the headline.

There are writers on here whose headline game is strong — we’re talking BuzzFeed or even The Onion strong. But, I’m not one of them. Color me old school because I like to write the story first and then figure out, through a decidedly unscientific method, what works for a title. Yes, this process sort of makes me feel like Perry White from The Daily Planet, but I don’t care.

#3: I follow other writers because I like their stuff, without hope or expectation they follow me back.

I’ve read some really compelling articles on here about strategies to cultivate a wide audience of fellow writers as readers. Seeing the benefits of this work in action, I’ve come to greatly admire the marketing savvy and data-driven approach of those who go this route to expand their readership. But, it’s just not my jam. That said, if I was relying on a writer’s paycheck to keep my electric turned on, it would absolutely be my jam. It would my jammiest jam that ever jammed. Speaking of which…

#4: Writing is not my day job.

Writing is my favorite hobby, my morning ritual, what I do in my head on the weekend during long walks, what wakes me up at 2 a.m. and spurs me to reach for the nearest pen or keyboard. Writing is what I do in my head whenever my mind is otherwise unoccupied. A writer never strops writing. But, I do rely on another gig to pay the bills and thankfully I also happen to pretty good at that other gig.

#5: I don’t go for quantity.

Some writers are incredibly prolific. Some writers have made an art out of taking a good piece of writing and turning it into 64 other pieces of content. While I admire their work ethic and creativity, I don’t have the time to do that. Instead, I take as much time as I need, to write something I like, and then post it. (The same goes for the books I write, only swap the word “post” for “publish.”

#6: Yes, I cross-promote, but I also try really hard to not be annoying about it.

If I post something I think would be relevant or interesting to other folks, I might pop the article up on my Facebook feed or post to a group in which I participate. Sometimes I even post it on Twitter, all hashtagged up. That said, the question I always ask myself before sharing with others is: Does this add to the conversation or is it self-promotion? If the answer is the latter, I stand down.

I’m grateful to have the resources that enable to not *have* to write, but really *want* to write. I have the luxury of being able to focus on improvement — writing better, writing in a more interesting and engaging way — while also building relationships with readers and fellow writers over time.

Sure, that $1.73 will buy me a really tasty bag of chips. But, I’m not in it for the chips. And, it’s totally OK if you’re not either.

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