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A mobile phone with attached headphones accompanied by notebook with title that reads “Let Your Dreams Set Sail.”

While my ultimate dream was to get my book published, getting an audiobook made was the shiny unicorn trailing right behind it.

This is because my ears are rarely unoccupied. No, I’m not a music lover. Words are my jam. This explains my addiction to audiobooks and podcasts. I wear an apron around the house so I can stick my iPhone in the front pocket and fire up Audible. I even perfected the fine art of blow drying my hair while wearing corded headphones.

When I wrote my book Some Assembly Required: A True Story of Love and Organ Transplants

I love that International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate achievement. I have had the great fortune to be mentored and inspired by exceptional women — including the fantastic one to whom I now report.

But that’s not the whole story: I would be remiss if I didn’t also recognize the men who played an important role in my development:

It was a male college professor who recognized my writing was not yet at a college level and helped me get up to speed. It is because of him I became an English major.

It was a male hiring…

Woman striking sassy pose and wearing a “Cancer You Picked the Wrong Girl” gray and white t-shirt

I usually do my annual round of doctor visits in the fall. As kids go back to school and the air gets crisp, I head to the land of needles and scales.

It was at my annual gynecological exam the good doctor said:

“You don’t usually get to feel one this big.”

He was teaching a young doctor in training how to do a thyroid exam. Then I felt the slightly chillier hands of the younger doctor give my neck a good squeeze before she gave an answering:


I left the office with a script for an ultrasound. A…

mphillips007 via iStock photo

Interviews rely on hiring managers to develop a connection with a job candidate over the course of 25–45 minutes.

This is difficult enough when you meet each other for the first or second time in person. Now, double the difficulty factor when you’re both virtual.

Regardless of the interview format, one thing has continued to serve me well: My magical question.

This is the very same question I have asked, in every, single interview I’ve conducted for more than 10 years. Are you ready?

“If I gave you an elephant, what would you do with it?”

What is your answer…

Woman listens to 1980s boombox while resting her foot on top
Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

During these divisive times, I decided to take a hard approach to some easy listening. My plan was to enjoy 80s tunes with the 2020 filter applied. Here’s how it went for the first seven songs:

#1: “Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car” performed by Billy Ocean

Song Premise: Man sees his dream woman and waxes poetic about taking her on a drive.

With 2020 Filter Applied: A stalker threatens the kidnapping and sexual assault of an unsuspecting woman. He wants her to touch his bumper while they “beep, beep yeah.” Where will their theoretical car ride end — an isolated mountain cabin, somewhere involving a ravine? …

Man in red shirt cheers jubilantly in front of a blue brick wall
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Last year, I set the goal to write a book in under a year. Mission accomplished. This year, I set my sights on finding a publisher in a lot less time. Here are the strategies I used to meet that goal and lessons learned along the way.

#1: Know and follow the publishing conventions of your book’s genre.

Expectations vary about how much of a work a publisher will want to see. For some genres, like fiction, a few sample chapters and a robust outline is expected. …

A break-up/make-up story

(Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash)

For a long time, God and I got along just fine.

I stopped by and visited on the holidays. I sent up the occasional good word. I made the occasional ask.

God would then do what God did. He granted the occasional favor. He occasionally wiped a loved one out of earthly existence. (I assumed what immediately followed was a Heaven mansion invite.) It was all your typical deity-type stuff.

While He and I didn’t always agree, I never called His existence into question. But then, things happened.

I always believed in the orderliness of life’s milestones. It begins with…

Woman counting out dollar bills
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

There are many thousandaire stories on Medium. This one goes out to the rest of us.

Here are my top 6 can’t fail strategies for how to make $1.73 on Medium in a single month:

#1: I write about personal interests I’m passionate about.

I’m interested in a bunch of different stuff — from organ transplants and productivity strategies, to communication and caregiving. Articles on hot and/or controversial topics get a lot of clicks. But, I firmly believe there’s an audience out there for every writer, on every conceivable topic. …

The state of the world has made me a Trash Panda. I should probably qualify this.

A few weeks ago, my friend and I did what creative people do during a pandemic — we started a podcast. One week’s topic was baseball.

The behind-the-scenes here is that I know absolutely nothing about baseball or sports anything, really. I don’t even know how to ride a bike.

Predictably, my questions were not for sports sophisticates or even all that related to baseball (case in point: “Whatever Lola wants, should Lola get?”). So, I thought I was both clever and on-topic when…

TJ Condon

Author of Some Assembly Required, a funny book about love and organ transplants. Out May 2021 everywhere.

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